Celebrating 50 Years of The Temptations’ Puzzle People

Cloud Nine may have been the first trip in the psychedelic soul era for The Temptations, but Puzzle People was the proof that it was here to stay. The incredible (and severely underrated) album was released 50 years ago this week, the same week that The Beatles released Abbey Road. It was a sign that … Continue reading Celebrating 50 Years of The Temptations’ Puzzle People


White Savior Narratives Lose Sight of the Struggle

A prevailing theme in the historical narratives for any struggle for people of color is that some white savior came along and saved the day. People like Abraham Lincoln are emphasized, along with other white allies against oppression like abolitionist John Brown, or earlier forefathers who are seen as revolutionary simply for not being as bigoted as their peers. Meanwhile, nameless people of color by the millions were enduring the hardships, and our attention always seems to turn to the white heroes.